Server Guide & Help

UT Dallas Minecraft is filled with tons of new content from vanilla with our modpack (FTB Revelation v.3.3.0). Given that, there will be a learning curve for all of the new things on the server. This webpage is to serve as a server guide and help for players to learn their way through UT Dallas Minecraft.


Server Version: FTB Revelation v3.3.0 (Minecraft Forge 1.12.2)


Command Usage
View player commands & what they do on the server
Return back to the spawn (The Plinth)
Set your player home
Teleport to your player home
/tpa (playername)
Teleport request to another player (they'll need to accept with /tpaccept)
/tpahere (playername)
Teleport request another player to teleport to YOU (they'll need to accept with /tpaccept)
Teleport accept an incoming teleport request
Teleport back to your last location (does not work on death)
Enter claiming mood to claim a piece of land (or resize it)
Abandon the current claim you're standing on

Server Rules & Regulations

Server Rules
1. Common Sense: When on UT Dallas Minecraft or on the Discord using text or voice channels, use common sense by following our rules and upholding good behavior. The rules listed below are not exclusive, please do not attempt to evade or bypass the rules just because they're not specifically listed here.
2. Respect All Players, Students and Minecraft Staff: Treat others kind and fairly. UT Dallas Minecraft was created to help connect students together and offer a new platform for Comets to find new friends.
3. Offensive Language: Vulgar language, racial slurs, and harsh remarks are not allowed. Keep it clean and friendly.
4. Explicit Content: We have zero tolerance for explicit content. [Whether this is in chat or building in-game]
5. No Cheating, Hacking, Griefing or other Exploits: Any modifications to your Minecraft Client that alters the "fair" survival environment and experience on the server or gives you an advantage is not allowed. Do not attempt to use exploits and report them to our Minecraft Staff should you find them. Do not grief (attempt to troll) other players on the server.
6. Should any of these rules be broken (including but not limited to Explicit Content & Disrespecting Players), users may be referred to the Dean of Students Office as Student Code of Conduct Policies are in-effect on UT Dallas Minecraft.

The Adventure Awaits, Comet!

Begin your adventure now by heading to or view the quick step-by-step guide below on how to join! *Java Minecraft Account is required in order to play.*


Follow the instructions below to get started and join UT Dallas Minecraft.

UT Dallas Minecraft is running “Feed the Beast Revelations” modpack on version 3.3.0.

First step is installing the Feed the Beast Launcher from
(Click here for Windows download)

Once you have downloaded the launcher installation file, run it and open the FTB App.

Secondly, you’re going to install the “FTB Revelation (v3.3.0)” modpack under “Browser” on the FTP App.

By default, FTB App will prompt for you to download v3.4.0, however you MUST use v.3.3.0 in order to log onto UT Dallas Minecraft.

To select which version to install, click “Versions” once you have selected the FTB Revelations modpack, and then click “FTB Revelation – 3.3.0” and click install.

After you’ve installed FTB Revelation, you will need to allocate more RAM memory in order for the game to run smoothly. Head over to Settings > Instance Memory to allocate enough RAM (depending on your computer 6-8GB is ideal, however you do not want to allocate all of your computer’s RAM to FTB).

Once you have installed FTB Revelation v3.3.0 and configured it properly, you will click “Play” in the FTB App Launcher. You’ll be redirected to the normal Minecraft Launcher and then proceed to click Play again (you should see your version display FTB Revelation 1.12.2-forge… in the launcher).

Your first time launching FTB Revelation will be a bit longer than normal to install all of the mods.

Once the game has loaded, head over to Multiplayer and click “Add Server”. For Server Name put “UT Dallas Minecraft” or whatever you’d like, and for the Server Address put “”. Click Done and then Join Server, and boom you’ll now be able to begin your adventure!